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Professional, sharp and compositionally correct photography is implied at LinArs.

Our photography is everything but average.
It has to tell the story about whatever the composition is – “to tell more than a thousand words.”

Premium photo-equipment and lighting are faithfully waiting to tell Your stories, wherever you may be.

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Invitations that require dedication and care.

Each invitation is special because what we at LinArs offer is unique: brass stamp with a motive according to Your request is hand-pressed in melted wax so that each seal is special and unique.

Alongside the pre-defined designs of the invitations, we offer a possibility of redesign and invitation design according to Your ideas.

Cooperating with a partner pressing office we are able to deliver outstanding product.

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Graphic design

At Linars, we offer top and unique graphical solutions, so that your vision would turn into final result - one that You are after.

Being different is our guiding principle.

In cooperation with the most modern printing offices, we are able to make everything according to Your wishes and needs.

Our Works

About Us

We are a creative studio that creates everlasting memories for you by taking care for your special occasions.

For us, every day is a new opportunity to do what we love, and we love what we do, and we do it with passion and creativity in order to achieve perfection.

Our goal is your satisfaction.

We don't just take photos, we believe in the power of design, concept and illustration and their ability to simplify communication, engage and inspire people everywhere.

When we do something, we do it until perfection, until it becomes art.
Hence the "Ars" in our name, because we make art. Every client is individual and special for us and we try our best to create an environment that will be as close to you as it gets.
That’s why we try to know as much as possible about you, so we can take part in your story.

At LinArs we believe that there is always a solution that works for everyone.

With passion, to perfection.


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